Here are the steps to guide us through the process of building your website:
Step 1
The first step is to determine whether you are ready for the project or not. At this point you'll want to ask yourself: am I ready to give the time and to spend the money? If you have Yes answer to this question, perfect. But if No is your answer you may consider to wait a little longer and get yourself prepared. While this is not a way to scare you, because this is not going to take too much of your time and money, it's to help you get set for the challenges ahead of us.
Step 2
Visit the get a quote page and fill the form with information about you, your business and or organisation. Note that this is a very important step so make sure to submit your information as appropriate. Once your request is submitted I will get back to you with a quote for you website design.
Step 3
You can as well hasten me into quick action by contacting me via my phone lines. While this is completely optional, its a way of notifying me of your submitted request and getting me to respond to your request as soon as possible.
Step 4
At this point I will sent a comprehensive questionnaire to dive more into information about you and your organization or business. You will need to fill the questionare and submit it as soon as possible.
Step 5
You will need to send your website contents (test and images) to me labelling them according to which page they belong. You will also need to send a 50% deposit
Step 6
Once you have sent your website content and 50% deposit, I will begin to design your website on a subdomain on my website. I will give you the link so you can make revisions on your website in real time.
Step 7
Once I complete designing your website and you are satisfied, you will be required to ballance up your payment. The I will transfer your website to your custom domain name.
Step 8
Congratulations your website is ready. Start promoting your website to your friends and everyone.